SEE THE BOSS in the 2021 Australian Mines Handbook

Feb 23, 2021

The 2021 Australian Mines and Services Handbook is OUT NOW, featuring the BOSS Hydraulics range on page 126.  This invaluable mining resource covers the absolute A-Z of mining products and services and showcases our BOSS BLUE range, which is widely used in mining applications.  View the handbook here and talk to us today for more information […]

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AG Cylinders… More than just agricultural

Sep 25, 2020

Agricultural cylinders or AG Cylinders as they are known,  provide power for a huge range of mechanical components including agricultural equipment such as harvesters and seeders but also have many other industrial applications and are widely used in transport industry equipment and vehicles to lift, tilt and tip. They rely on the basic principle of […]

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Sep 3, 2020

With a series of new video productions underway, take a look at our brand new YouTube channel,  with an introduction to our BOSS hand pump range and… let your BOSS do the hard work. Visit to watch, and don’t forget to subscribe to see the latest video uploads For more information on our range […]

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Updated Covid-19 Conditions – We remain open for business

Aug 5, 2020

At PT Hydraulics, the safety and wellbeing of our community  – including our valued team, customers, and supplier partners –  during the present COVID-19 situation, remains our greatest priority. As an authorised ‘Essential Service’ we remain open for business, and we are taking all precautionary measures and following the regulations and advice of Government Health officials during this time […]

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The humble hose, an often overlooked but integral component of the hydraulic system

Apr 24, 2020

  The backbone of many hydraulic systems is the humble hydraulic hose.  A hydraulic hose is a high-pressure hose that is usually made from thermoplastic material and is specifically reinforced to carry fluid that is required to transmit force within a hydraulic system.  Hydraulic hoses can help turn low source forces into exponential tons of […]

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An Important Message from the BOSS

Mar 19, 2020

  At PT Hydraulics, the safety and wellbeing of our community  – including our valued team, customers, and supplier partners –  during the present COVID-19 situation, is our greatest priority. Our thoughts are with the hardworking people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we would like to express our appreciation to the healthcare and […]

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piston air motors product range

You can rely on the BOSS for Piston Air Motors

Mar 17, 2020

  Are your Piston Air Motors tough like a BOSS? Our range is tough and durable, so you can rely on the BOSS to get the job done under the harshest conditions. Extreme temperature conditions or corrosive and wet environments are no match for these tough units, delivering even torque at all speeds and smooth […]

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Let Your BOSS Do the Hard Work with ProTorc

Feb 26, 2020

      ProTorc, by BOSS Hydraulics, is your first choice in premium bolting tools and accessories. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing to the highest quality standards, the range is ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Featuring square drive and low clearance wrenches ranging from 164Nm to over 80,000Nm, and a complete range of pneumatic wrenches […]

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Let your BOSS Cribbing Do the Hard Work

Feb 21, 2020

  Cribbing is an essential requirement to create a sturdy, elevated, structure that is capable of supporting a heavy load.  This technique involves stacking a group of specially designed, uniform, blocks under the load to ensure stability and safe access to the load. Hydraulic devices are often used to lift heavy loads and equipment, such […]

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Working Safely with Hydraulic Systems

Dec 18, 2019

  Hydraulic systems are one of the most versatile means of controlling motion and transmitting power. These systems operate on the following basic principles: A hydraulic pump is used to create the flow of an incompressible fluid. Pressure can then be generated on a surface by restricting the flow of a fluid. If actuators (such […]

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Custom Hydraulic Solutions

Dec 10, 2019

Need Custom Hydraulic Solutions?   –  Let your BOSS do the hard work. Not all hydraulic requirements are created equally….    that’s why the team at BOSS Hydraulics is equipped to handle almost any challenge for our customers.   With over 150 years combined experience in hydraulic design and fabrication, our team can […]

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pt hydraulics product range

BOSS Quality: Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

Nov 28, 2019

The BOSS Blue range is backed by a lifetime warranty. PT Hydraulics is renowned for exceptional product quality, providing hydraulic solutions to our customers in the Defence, Emergency, Industrial, Rail, Construction and Mining Industries for over 35 years. With the BOSS quality guarantee, you can be assured that every product […]

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Boss Blue Cylinders

Innovation in Hydraulic CD Cylinder Design

Nov 15, 2019

BOSS Hydraulics is continually striving to innovate within the hydraulics category, bringing the latest design features to the range, in order to improve the functionality and safety of our products. Our recently re-designed CD cylinder range  features an internal retract relief valve to prevent tampering, accidental adjustment and over-pressurisation. The […]

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Heavy Equipment Graph

Supporting the Heavy Equipment Industry like a BOSS

Oct 30, 2019

According to a study by Zion Market Research “the global heavy construction equipment market was valued at $145 billion USD in 2018 and is expected to reach $231.3 billion USD by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.9% between 2019 and 2025.” The heavy equipment market is projected to […]

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Is Your Cribbing Safe Enough?

May 3, 2019

  Do you want a safer, cleaner and load rated option for your cribbing requirements?   Unfortunately, older style wooden cribbing is not tested and absorbs liquids and pathogens which leads to higher chances of a dangerous working environment. BOSS Cribbing Equipment made in the U.S.A. by Turtle Plastics, provides […]

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Selection Criteria for Welded Construction Agricultural Cylinders

Mar 20, 2019

Selecting an agricultural cylinder to perform a function correctly is a relatively easy task, providing some simple steps are undertaken before deciding on what agricultural cylinders to purchase. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before purchasing:   “What load do I need to move”? Always assume peak loads […]

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how to choose the right hand pump

How to choose the right hand pump for you?

Mar 8, 2019

Hand pumps come in all shapes and sizes. There are single speed or two speed hand pumps, single acting and double acting hand pumps, steel or aluminium hand pumps and there are a wide range of reservoir sizes and pressures available as well. So how do you choose the right […]

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Mobile Valves

Just Released: Mobile Valves

Feb 11, 2019

Have you seen our latest addition of mobile hydraulic valves to the Boss Fluid Power Range? Here is a quick rundown on some of the key features of the all new high quality ZT-12L Series Mobile Valves.     Features & Benefits   1/2″ BSPP Ports: Proven to be a […]

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Power Unit

BOSS Hydraulic Power Units

Dec 1, 2018

BOSS Black Power Packs, powered by KTI, are available as both pre-built or custom build solutions to suit your needs.   Don’t forget that we back up any Hydraulic Power Unit we sell with our renowned after-sales support and service. You’ll find a wide range of motors available, with various […]

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Boss Blue Cylinders

BOSS Hydraulic Cylinders

Dec 1, 2018

BOSS Hydraulics offer a wide range of cylinders that are designed and manufactured for use from 350 to 2000 bar,  including: Single and Double Acting Cylinders Single Acting Aluminium Cylinders Single and Double Acting Hollow Cylinders Single and Double Acting Aluminium Hollow Cylinders Single Acting Low Profile Cylinders Single Acting […]

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ABN: 86 239 922 730

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