New Range of Cylinders

We’ve just expanded our range of Cylinders on offer. Not only did we offer a range of high-pressure Hydraulic Cylinders that can withstand between 350 – 2000 bar our range now fully includes:


  • Single and Double Acting Cylinders
  • Single Acting Aluminium Cylinders
  • Single and Double Acting Hollow Cylinders
  • Single and Double Acting Aluminium Hollow Cylinders
  • Single Acting Low Profile Cylinders
  • Single Acting Aluminium Locknut Cylinders
  • Single Acting Short Profile Cylinders
  • Lock Nut and Lock Nut Pancake Cylinders


Now you can be sure that our range of Hydraulic Cylinders will suit any of your needs.


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ProTorc is now branded under Boss Hydraulics

Hey there,

Just letting you know that ProTorc has now been rebranded to Boss Hydraulics.

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