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Features And Benefits

  • Off the shelf products
  • Extended duty motors
  • 200 amp continuously rated start solenoid as standard
  • Optional solenoid cover for weather protection
  • 19 Different tank sizes available
  • Manual override standard on single acting packs
  • Adjustable lowering flow control valve fitted as standard on single acting packs
  • Flying lead as standard for single acting packs, ensures easy optional pendant connection


Schematic 1
Schematic 2
Schematic 3
Schematic 4
Schematic 5

Standard Models

Model Volts Function Pump Size Reservoir Type Reservoir Cap. (L)
BPT121-0112P & T2.1No TankNo Tank
BSA121-0112S/A2.1No TankNo Tank
BPT221-0124P & T2.1No TankNo Tank
BSA221-0124S/A2.1No TankNo Tank
BPT121S8-0112P & T2.1Steel8
BPT221S8-0124P & T2.1Steel8

For other reservoir size options use no tank option and add reservoir from below


Model Type Useable Volume (L) Length (mm)
8080-21-KRound Steel1.5159
8080-2-KRound Steel2213
8080-3-KRound Steel3292
8080-4-KRound Steel4378
8080-5-KOffset Steel4232
8080-6-KOffset Steel6318
8080-8-KOffset Steel8403
8080-10-KOffset Steel10489
8080-12-KOffset Steel12575
8080-8-S-KSquare Steel8235
8080-13-KSquare Steel12349
8080-16-KSquare Steel16470
8080-20-KSquare Steel20581
8181-35-KSquare Plastic3203
8181-5-KSquare Plastic4267
8181-6-KSquare Plastic6337
8282-8-KSquare Plastic8440
8282-10-KSquare Plastic10632
8181-14-KSquare Plastic14699
Add on reservoir 1
Add on reservoir 1
Add on reservoir 2
Add on reservoir 4

Pendant Options

"Plug and Play" pendants available with or without battery indicator

Model Description
395-55Two button Pendant
395-55-LTwo button Pendant with LED

Pendant Extension Cables available in 4.5m and 7.6m lengths

Model Description
74-064.5m Pendant Extension Cable
74-077.6m Pendant Extension Cable
Add on Pendant
Add on Pendant Schematic

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© 2024 Boss Hydraulics.  All Rights Reserved.

Brought to you by PT Hydraulics.

ABN: 86 239 922 730

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