Boss Hydraulics has teamed up with KTI Hydraulics to bring you a new range of Hydraulic Power Packs.

Offering a complete range of Power Packs, back by our renowned service and support, there is sure to be a Boss Hydraulic Power Unit to suit your application.

At Boss Hydraulics, we offer both pre-assembled and custom build hydraulic power units to suit many needs. Click on either of the below links to find out more information


Otherwise, feel free to read further information on the many parts that make up the Hydraulic Power Units we offer and build.


As part of our range, there's 2 different motors on offer. Our offering of Heavy Duty Motors ranges from 1.8kw to 2.6kw of power. With a 4.5", 4 field series wound - they're also available with single terminal internally grounded or two terminal externally grounded versions.


Furthermore, our High Power Continuous Duty Motor delivers up to 5kw of power. While it has a 5" open end for fan cooling, it runs on either 12v or 24v and has two terminals for external grounding.


Boss Black Pump

The Pumps we have on offer here come from the latest designs, and utilise an 11 tooth 32/64 spline for high torque.

In addition, it has the ability to operate at a low noise whilst having a high mechanical and volume efficiency.

Lastly, our pumps operate in a counter-clockwise rotation and come with a positive T.I.R (Total Indicator Reading) alignment.

Boss Black Pump


Boss Black Reservoir

We've got a wide range of reservoirs to suit the power pack you need:


  • Round Steel: Manufactured by using a deep drawn steel process and finished in a black powder coat, the supplied breather included an oil level dipstick and therefore up to 4L of usable volume
  • Offset Design: Available in up to 12L usable volume, our Offset Designed reservoirs also arrive in a black powder coat finish and include an oil level dipstick.
  • Square Steel: With a larger 20L usable volume design available, there are front and read mounting tabs on all models. These reservoirs also include an oil level dipstick for the supplied breather and arrive in a black powder coat finish
  • Square Plastic: In conclusion, our square plastic reservoirs allow the oil level to be visible at all time. Available in up to 14L useable volume, they're lightweight and can be designed with rear mounting tabs upon request


Through Boss Black, all our manifolds are manufactured from lightweight aluminium material and are designed to withstand up to 210 bar of working pressure. Therefore you can be confident knowing they'll withstand any application in combination with your hydraulic power pack.


Alongside the CETOP 3 and Stackable Valve designed manifolds, we've also got on offer a spacer that increases the height of P & T ports by 31.75mm

Start Solenoids

Continuing on, our Boss Black start solenoids are available in either plastic or steel versions. While our version of start solenoids have a continuous rated capacity of 200 amp, they're available in 3 terminal for internal grounding models or 4 terminal for external grounding models.


Boss Black Pendant

Our different models of Pendants on offer both come with 2 buttons with a solid mould male side waterproof connector, to suit any application they're needed for. Our top of the range version includes an LED battery condition indicator too.


Furthermore, we've got an extensive range of Extension cables on offer. Ranging from the standard extension cord with one male and female solid mould connectors on either end, right up to Double Acting extension cables for use with Integral or CETOP valves.

Boss Black Pendant


Boss Black Circuit

We have 3 different of circuits available for 3 different universal manifold versions.


  • Universal Manifold 1: Includes 10 standard circuits and is manufactured from lightweight aluminium. With industry standard C08 cavities - it also includes 3/8 BSPP ports (SAE available on request)
  • Universal Manifold 2: Comes with 9 standard circuits and is too manufactured from lightweight aluminium. Also including industry standard c08 cavities, it instead comes with 9/16 SAE ports.
  • Universal Manifold 3: Allows for multiple integrates single and double acting circuits. Coming with industry standard c08 cavities and manufactured from lightweight aluminium, this version also comes with 9/16 SAE ports.


Boss Black Valve

In conclusion, our range of Valves come in two different versions, a stackable version and in a CETOP 3 version.


A stackable version allows 1-8 valves in a stack and is available with 12v or 24v coils. While they can be used as a standalone valve stack - they're suited for use with a 3030-HDF or 3030-VDF manifold to mount on to a Boss Black Hydraulic Power Unit.


The CETOP 3 version is manufactured in Europe and can come with either AC or DC coils. Available in a variety of Sandwich valves - the CETOP 3 values require a 3030-HDF or 3030-VDF manifold to mount on to a Boss Black Hydraulic Power Unit.

Boss Black Valve

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