Our range of Hydraulic Bearing Maintenance solutions available define what hydraulic and mechanical pullers and pushers should be. High performing and high reliability. Therefore, making them suitable for all your bearing maintenance requirements.

Pullers (Puller Kits & Puller / Pump Kits)

Our range of Hydraulic Pullers we offer range from self-contained pullers, to pullers with a separate hand pump.


While capacity and certain features vary between the models available, all of our Pullers include:


  • 2 or 3 jaw options
  • 360-degree handle rotation
  • Heat treated, chrome plated and alloy steel studs
  • Easy access release valve
  • Removable spring loaded self-centering nut

Universal Puller

Boss Blue Universal Puller

The universal puller on offer comes with 100 ton of pulling capacity. It's trolley mounted for ease of use and in addition, comes in either Single or 3 Phase power options.


  • Self-centering design
  • 2 or 3 jaw capabilities
  • Double acting system for safe opening/closing of jaws
  • Air/Hydraulic height adjustment
  • Metered flow for precise speed control
  • 5-degree up/down swivel adjustment for precise positioning

Rail Bearing Puller/Installer

Boss Blue Rail Bearing Puller

Similarly to our Universal Puller, our rail bearing puller/installer solution has a capacity of 100 ton. In addition, it can also withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar.


  • Simple, efficient and easy operation
  • A portable unit for easy maneuvering¬†and storage
  • Designed for easy dismantling and installing of Rail Axle bearing
Boss Blue Rail Bearing Puller

Tri-Section Plates

Our range of Tri-Section Plates have a capacity of 6 - 30 ton and spread from 216mm to 660mm. In conclusion these round out our Hydraulic Bearing Maintenance solutions.


  • Can be used with all 3 Jaw Pullers
  • Simple and easy setup
  • Provides force on both inner and outer ring for safe and efficient pulling
  • Patented swing arm design for maximum spread

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