Boss Hydraulics now offer a full range of hydraulic pumps ranging from 0 up to 2800 Bar. Furthermore, we stock Hand Pumps, Electric Pumps, Air Pumps, and Directional Valves suited to your needs.

Hand Pumps

At Boss Hydraulics, we offer a wide range of hand pumps. From Heavy Duty Hand Pumps, Large Tank Hand Pumps, Aluminium Hand Pumps and portable Hand Pumps.


  • Heavy Duty Hand Pumps: Our range consists of Single and Two Speed options, along with Single and Double Acting models. Our range can handle a Maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar.
  • Large Tank Hand Pumps: Are great for use with larger cylinders. Our Large Tank Hand pumps consist of an integrated¬†reservoir and over-pressurisation protection and are available in Single and Double acting models.
  • Aluminium Hand Pumps: Come in Single and Double acting models and in a 2-speed design for maximum efficiency.
  • Portable Hand Pumps: Are best for Single Acting applications only. They include a built-in handle for easy operation and carrying around the work site.


Electric Pumps

Our range of Electric Pumps come in Single and Double acting models. Integrated with a two speed pump design - these Electric Pumps can withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar.


  • Available in either 1/2 HP (0.45kw) or 3 HP (2.2kw) brushless motor
  • Thermal protected induction motor
  • Comes with either Manual or Solenoid Valve Control
  • Available with 2 Way 2 Position, all the way up to 4 Way 3 Position Valve functionality
  • 3m Pendant supplied with all models


Air Pumps

The range of Air Pumps available at Boss Hydraulics come in either a Single or Double acting model, and are able to withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar


  • The PA models are designed to be used with standard single acting cylinders, whereas the PAD models are designed to be used with double acting cylinders.
  • Aluminium reservoirs on all models
  • Internal relief vales all set at 10,000 psi / 700 bar for full circuit protection

Directional Valve

The range of directional valves we offer are pump mounted and are available as either Manual or Solenoid valves.


  • Available in 2 way 2 position to suit single acting applications, all the way to 4 way 3 position to suit both single and double acting solutions
  • Can include either Tandem or Closed centres
  • Manual valves suit pump series PE028 and PE180, whilst Solenoid valves suit same model ranges plus PEDS028 and PEDS180

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