Boss Hydraulics now offer a full range of hydraulic pumps ranging from 0 up to 2800 Bar. Furthermore, we stock Hand Pumps, Electric Pumps, Air Pumps, and Directional Valves suited to your needs.

Hand Pumps

At Boss Hydraulics, we offer a wide range of hand pumps. From Heavy Duty Hand Pumps, Large Tank Hand Pumps, Aluminium Hand Pumps and portable Hand Pumps.


  • Heavy Duty Hand Pumps: Our range consists of Single and Two Speed options, along with Single and Double Acting models. Our range can handle a Maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar.
  • Large Tank Hand Pumps: Are great for use with larger cylinders. Our Large Tank Hand pumps consist of an integrated¬†reservoir and over-pressurisation protection and are available in Single and Double acting models.
  • Aluminium Hand Pumps: Come in Single and Double acting models and in a 2-speed design for maximum efficiency.
  • Portable Hand Pumps: Are best for Single Acting applications only. They include a built-in handle for easy operation and carrying around the work site.


Electric Pumps

Our range of Electric Pumps come in Single and Double acting models. Integrated with a two speed pump design - these Electric Pumps can withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar.


  • Available in either 1/2 HP (0.45kw) or 3 HP (2.2kw) brushless motor
  • Thermal protected induction motor
  • Comes with either Manual or Solenoid Valve Control
  • Available with 2 Way 2 Position, all the way up to 4 Way 3 Position Valve functionality
  • 3m Pendant supplied with all models


Air Pumps

The range of Air Pumps available at Boss Hydraulics come in either a Single or Double acting model, and are able to withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi / 700 bar


  • The PA models are designed to be used with standard single acting cylinders, whereas the PAD models are designed to be used with double acting cylinders.
  • Aluminium reservoirs on all models
  • Internal relief vales all set at 10,000 psi / 700 bar for full circuit protection

Directional Valve

The range of directional valves we offer in conjuction with our range of hydraulic pumps, are pump mounted and are available as either Manual or Solenoid valves.


  • Available in 2 way 2 position to suit single acting applications, all the way to 4 way 3 position to suit both single and double acting solutions
  • Can include either Tandem or Closed centres
  • Manual valves suit pump series PE028 and PE180, whilst Solenoid valves suit same model ranges plus PEDS028 and PEDS180

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