PT Hydraulics has been providing unparalleled customer service in the field of hydraulics for well over 30 years, since our inception in 1985. We have been supporting the Australian and New Zealand markets with Power Team & Stone brands for many years. Coming from our years of experience and expertise - we are now pleased to announce our very own brand of hydraulics to continue this role. Boss Hydraulics.


Launching our Boss range of high-pressure and low-pressure hydraulics to the Australian and New Zealand marketplace, matched with other imported products, we provide the knowledge and support you may require for various applications.

How our products will your expectations

Our high-pressure Boss Hydraulics Blue Range provides both quality and a great price with a range of general workshop tooling, up to high tonnage jacks and synchronised lifting systems.


We provide a lifetime guarantee on our range to ensure the quality and credibility of our products in conjunction with our unparalleled customer service. 

boss blue range
Boss Black AG Cylinder

With our other range being used in multiple situations in the transportation and trailer market, and in applications such as smaller flat tray truck and ute mounted jib cranes - all can utilise our new range of Boss Hydraulics Black Range.


Our DC driven hydraulic power packs and standard welded type agricultural cylinders with dual porting are well suited to any industry and any application.

Let your do the hard work!

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