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At BOSS Hydraulics, we pride ourselves on supplying quality products backed by exceptional customer service.
Explore the BOSS BLUE (Over 350 BAR) range of High-Pressure Hydraulic Tools & Equipment.
Explore the BOSS BLACK (Up to 350 BAR) range of Hydraulic Power Units & AG Cylinders.


Quality and value from the BOSS Hydraulics range

Does Your Cribbing Stack Up?

  Cribbing is an essential requirement to create a sturdy, elevated, structure that is capable of supporting a heavy load.  This technique involves stacking a ...

AG Cylinders… More than just agricultural

Agricultural cylinders or AG Cylinders as they are known,  provide power for a huge range of mechanical components including agricultural equipment such as harvesters and ...


Did you know...   The BOSS Blue range is proudly backed by a lifetime warranty. BOSS  Hydraulics was born from over 150 years of collective ...

Hydraulic Power Units

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Power Pack   Hydraulic power units combine hydraulic components to supply fluid to a hydraulic system at a required pressure and ...


PT Hydraulics is extremely proud of once again being re-certified with ISO 9001 in recognition of our commitment to and systems of Quality Management. Our ...

SEE THE BOSS in the 2021 Australian Mines Handbook

The 2021 Australian Mines and Services Handbook is OUT NOW, featuring the BOSS Hydraulics range on page 126.  This invaluable mining resource covers the absolute ...

Updated Covid-19 Conditions – We remain open for business

At PT Hydraulics, the safety and wellbeing of our community  - including our valued team, customers, and supplier partners -  during the present COVID-19 situation, remains our ...

The humble hose, an often overlooked but integral component of the hydraulic system

  The backbone of many hydraulic systems is the humble hydraulic hose.  A hydraulic hose is a high-pressure hose that is usually made from thermoplastic ...
piston air motors product range

You can rely on the BOSS for Piston Air Motors

  Are your Piston Air Motors tough like a BOSS? Our range is tough and durable, so you can rely on the BOSS to get ...

Custom Hydraulic Solutions

Need Custom Hydraulic Solutions?   -  Let your BOSS do the hard work. Not all hydraulic requirements are created equally….    that’s why the team at BOSS ...
pt hydraulics product range

BOSS Quality: Backed by a Lifetime Warranty

The BOSS Blue range is backed by a lifetime warranty. PT Hydraulics is renowned for exceptional product quality, providing hydraulic solutions to our customers in ...
Boss Blue Cylinders

BOSS Hydraulic Cylinders

BOSS Hydraulics offer a wide range of cylinders that are designed and manufactured for use from 350 to 2000 bar,  including: Single and Double Acting ...
Boss Hand Pump

BOSS Hand Pumps

BOSS Hydraulic hand pumps are available in both Single or Double acting models and are able to withstand a maximum working pressure of 10,000 psi ...

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At BOSS we work hard so you can let your BOSS do the hard work.

With over 150 years of collective experience in the hydraulics industry, our team pride ourselves on supplying high-quality products and service, at a good honest price.

That's our promise to you.

© 2022 Boss Hydraulics.  All Rights Reserved.

Brought to you by PT Hydraulics.

ABN: 86 239 922 730

© 2022 Boss Hydraulics.  All Rights Reserved.

Brought to you by PT Hydraulics.

ABN: 86 239 922 730

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