You can rely on the BOSS for Piston Air Motors

piston air motors product range


Are your Piston Air Motors tough like a BOSS?

Our range is tough and durable, so you can rely on the BOSS to get the job done under the harshest conditions.

Extreme temperature conditions or corrosive and wet environments are no match for these tough units, delivering even torque at all speeds and smooth delivery of power with each revolution – in either direction of rotation.  With no electricity required, these powerful motors can be used in volatile environments and are unaffected by continuous stalling or overload.

Unlike electric motors, these motors run cool and start without shock, so there is no heat build-up and there are no electric sparks to ignite or damage the motor.  These units can stop and start almost instantaneously and provide extremely variable torque and speed, without the need for complicated controls.

See the BOSS range of Piston Air Motors here


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