Hydraulic Cylinder Types and Applications


A hydraulic cylinder is one of the four main components of a hydraulic system. Hydraulic cylinders can be used in a variety of applications where a great amount of force is required. In the agricultural industry,  hydraulic cylinders can be used for lifting, suspension and load handling. In mining and construction segments typical applications include drilling and excavating. Vehicle applications use hydraulic cylinders in booms, lifts, steering and harvesting equipment as well as many other types of applications.  Hydraulic cylinders can also be found in industrial and manufacturing equipment applications for lifting, pulling and pressing.

What kind of hydraulic cylinder do you need?

One of the first considerations in determining which type of hydraulic cylinder you need is to consider the environment in which it will be operating and the function that it needs to perform. It’s also important to consider the frequency with which it will be operated, how many cycles will the cylinder need to perform and whether this will be constant or intermittent operation. Another major consideration is the force required, which can be measured in tonnage capacity, and another important consideration is how the hydraulic system will be powered, which could include manual operation, air or electrical power via a motor.

The BOSS Hydraulics range features an extensive range of cylinders to suit an enormous variety of applications and the experts at PT Hydraulics can help you to determine the exact cylinder that you require.  The PT Industrial team and develop a complete hydraulic system to meet your needs, from our portfolio of brands including Globe and Dynex.

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