The humble hose, an often overlooked but integral component of the hydraulic system


boss hydraulic hose

The backbone of many hydraulic systems is the humble hydraulic hose.  A hydraulic hose is a high-pressure hose that is usually made from thermoplastic material and is specifically reinforced to carry fluid that is required to transmit force within a hydraulic system.  Hydraulic hoses can help turn low source forces into exponential tons of pressure.

When hydraulic force is created, hydraulic hoses allow that fluid to transmit force effectively over distance and without compression or loss of power. There are three basic parts to most hydraulic hoses.  A reinforced inner tube carries the hydraulic fluid, whilst an outer layer provides protection from the elements, abrasion or chemicals, with specially designed hydraulic couplings at each end to attach to system components.

It is essential to ensure that hydraulic hoses are kept in good working order. Crushing, stretching, kinking twisting or scratching the surface can all reduce hose life and could have serious safety consequences, and hoses should be routinely inspected for wear and signs of breakdown such as swelling, cracking blistering or bubbling.

Hydraulic hoses have specific pressure ratings for the types of fluid that they carry, which should never be exceeded and should always be used under the conditions outlined by the manufacturer.  For more information about hydraulic hose care and selecting the right hose for your hydraulic requirements, speak to one of our expert team here or call 1300 BOSS HYD.

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