Our complete range of Plastic Cribbing Blocks by Boss Hydraulics has you covered for any situation. Also, the range of Pry and Jimmy Bars is wide enough (and strong enough too) to match the job that you need them for.

Pry/Jimmy Bars & Pick Sets

Our range of Pry/Jimmy Bars and Pick Sets at Boss Hydraulics are made in the USA. The chrome alloy steel has been heat treated to resist bending and breaking in many applications.


With a tapered body on all models - the Pry Bars also incorporate a rolling head.

Cribbing Blocks

All Cribs that we offer are made from 100% Recycled Plastic. Whilst being durable and heavy duty, they're also washable and impervious to most common industrial chemicals.


  • 3 load rating capacities (Yellow, Blue, Orange)
  • 2 locking styles ("Pyramid" and "Lincoln Log")
  • Resistant to splintering unlike timber alternatives
  • Working load limit tags printed on the product
  • Huge range of different shapes and sizes available

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